5 Reasons Why Bible College is NOT JUST for Future Pastors

Did you know that Elim graduates live and work all around the world? You will find our alumni working in a variety of fields such as pastoral, social work, business, education, and medical, just to name a few.

Elim equips you to Encounter God. Discover His Plan. Transform the World.

Find out why Bible College could be right for you.

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Interesting Facts

100% of our students receive financial aid. No full-time student will pay more than $13,900 per year out of pocket.

The student to faculty ratio at Elim is excellent. This means having access to your professors is never a problem. At Elim, students are the first priority.

Elim is located in Lima, NY, about 25 miles south of Rochester. This is a small, safe community that provides a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, kayaking, and camping.  If the urban scene is more your style, nearby Rochester provides a variety of restaurants, concerts, shopping, and even the beaches of Lake Ontario!


Bachelor of Science Theology: Are you ready to deep dive into Bible knowledge that will set the stage for the rest of your life? Did you know there are a variety of careers available for Theology graduates? The study of Theology at Elim increases your Biblical knowledge and develops your faith, critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, and communication skills. This course of study can open doors to careers such as ministry, education, social work; and can prepare you to pursue master’s and doctoral program. 

Associate Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies: Are you passionate about leading others to Christ or to a deeper relationship with Christ? Do you feel called to ministry, missions, worship or maybe youth ministry? Elim’s A.A.S. is a two year, accredited program designed for students who desire to prepare themselves for the Lord’s calling on their life. The A.A.S. may be used as a first step toward a ministerial career or as a stepping stone toward a Bachelor’s program.

Launch Certificate: Are you a high school junior or senior who is unsure what to do next or maybe considering a gap year? The Launch Certificate is a one year program designed to provide students with a spiritual foundation for life. Come to EBIC for one year of intense spiritual growth and development. Let us prepare you to live for God with passion, confidence and conviction!

Spiritual Enrichment Certificate (SEC): Are you wondering what to do next? Are you interested in growing your faith, but are not quite sure if an academic atmosphere is for you? the SEC is a non-degree program developed to meet the growing need of people who are not sure what to do next, but KNOW they would like to grow closer to the Lord. This programs leans heavily on growing your relationship with Jesus and less on academics. This may be the perfect fit for you!