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Bachelor of Science in Theology

There are many Christian universities offering Bachelor Degree programs, so what makes Elim Bible Institute and College the perfect choice? We are committed to weaving together Bible study with high academic standards producing excellence which honors God. Your time at Elim will prepare you to apply God’s Word and a Christian worldview no matter what your vocation. Don’t forget you may be able to transfer previous college credits to this program!

You may complete this degree in person or via distance education format.

Bible Focus

The Bachelor of Science degree program places the Bible as its primary focus. Since its inception in 1924, Elim has required students to keep the Word of God a central part of their instruction. As Bachelor’s student, you will graduate with a degree in Biblical & Theological Studies, which will serve you wherever you serve in ministry and life! The B.S. degree objectives are:

  1. Defend your knowledge of major biblical doctrines and obtain a coherent understanding of the fundamental theological concepts.
  2. Evaluate the historical setting of the Bible and make application to contemporary culture.
  3. Synthesize personal spiritual formation through biblical Christian practices.
  4. Practice leadership skills and demonstrate the necessary ability to minister in various cultures.
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking skills, reading comprehension, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and writing skills that are on par with B.S. levels and national norms.
  6. Evidence an undergraduate level of understanding in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

Practical experience

Elim is more than an academic institution. It imparts a heart for ministry and provides students with in-depth practical experience. Students experience hands-on ministry in the local community through their Student Ministry. They also participate in a three-week internship in New York City, providing them intense opportunities to grow and learn in an urban ministry environment.


Since Elim is an approved Title IV school, U.S. applicants have the opportunity to apply for federal and state aid. Over 95% of our students receive some form of financial assistance from the government and/or from Elim. Since Elim’s costs are already very reasonably priced, many of our students are surprised when they receive their award notice and realize that they can actually afford to pursue their degree at Elim.