Spiritual Enrichment Certificate

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Non-Degree SEC Program

(Available for students living on campus)

Are you a Christian who is not currently interested in a degree, but would like to experience immersion in a spiritually rich environment? EBIC’s Spiritual Enrichment Certificate (SEC) program may be exactly what you need! The SEC program has been developed to meet the growing need of people who are not sure what to do next, but KNOW they would like to grow closer to the Lord. As part of the SEC program you will:

  • Increase in knowledge of the Bible
  • Manifest a measurable increase in personal spiritual formation.
  • Strengthen personal relationship with God.
  • Develop practical skills to share the Gospel and minister to others.
  • Learn to engage in prayer and Spiritual Warfare

For additional information about the Spiritual Enrichment Certification program, please contact Admissions:

Phone: 585-582-8260
Email: admissions@elim.edu

Spiritual Enrichment

This is a non-degree-granting certificate program. It is designed for the student whose primary goal is to deepen their relationship with God and grow in Biblical knowledge. Students enrolled in this program will also have an opportunity to develop practical ministry skills. All students admitted to this program must live on campus and participate in all spiritual enrichment activities including all chapels.

Practical Experience

Elim is more than an academic institution. It imparts a heart for ministry and provides students with in-depth practical experience through internships and students ministries. Please click the Student Ministry and NYSUM Internship buttons below for more details.


Because this is a non-degree granting program, federal and state financial aid is not available. For this reason, this program has been priced at a fraction of our degree granting programs to make it as affordable as possible. The flat rate for attendance as an SEC student is $8500 per year which includes tuition, fees, room and board (not books and supplies).