Spiritual Enrichment Certificate

Non-Degree SEC Program

Are you a Christian who is not currently interested in a degree, but would like to experience immersion in a spiritually rich environment? EBIC’s new Spiritual Enrichment Certificate (SEC) program may be exactly what you need! The SEC program has been developed to meet the growing need of people who are not sure what to do next, but KNOW they would like to grow closer to the Lord. As part of the SEC program you will:

  • Increase your knowledge of the Bible
  • Grow your personal spiritual formation
  • Strengthen your personal relationship with God
  • Develop practical skills to share the Gospel and minister to others
  • Learn to engage in prayer and Spiritual Warfare

For information about program requirements, see the Academic Catalog.

Admissions Department Contact Information
p: 1.800.670.3546
f: 585.582.8130

Spiritual Enrichment

The non-degree SEC program places the Bible as it’s primary concentration. You will have an opportunity to select from a variety of Bible courses. If the courses are not taken for credit, you will receive a pass/fail grade so you can focus more on your spiritual growth instead of what grade you will receive. Practical experience is an important element of your time at EBIC, please see below for more information on ministry opportunities that are part of the SEC program.

Practical Experience

Elim is more than an academic institution. It imparts a heart for ministry and provides students with in-depth practical experience. Students experience hands-on ministry in the local community through their Student Ministry. They also participate in a three-week internship in New York City, providing them intense opportunities to grow and learn in an urban ministry environment.


Because this is a non-degree granting program, federal and state financial aid is not available. For this reason, this program has been priced at a fraction of our degree granting programs to make it as affordable as possible. The flat rate for attendance as an SEC student is $8000 per year which includes tuition, fees, room and board (not books and supplies).

SEC Program Requirements

Successful completion of the Spiritual Enrichment Certificate requires the following:

  • Complete two semesters at Elim
  • Pass a minimum of 8 courses (pass/fail)
  • Completion of Student Ministries and Internship
  • Attend group devotional times

See the Academic Catalog for more information.

Choose From These Courses

Foundations for Life
Old Testament Literature
Spiritual Formation RTF
Worship Leadership I
Bible Electives (see below)
Evangelism in a Postmodern World
Marriage and the Family
Missionary Life
New Testament Literature
Philosophy of Christian Music
Worship and Cultural Expression
Worship Leadership II
Bible Electives (see below)

Bible Electives

Hebrew Poetry & Wisdom Literature
John’s Writings
Acts & Paul’s Letters
Prophets of Israel
Synoptic Gospels