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Celebrating 100 Years!

Come and celebrate with us: May 9-12, 2024

8:00 am – 12:00 pm EST
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST




RSVP Today!

EBIC’s 100th Anniversary is a free event, but housing and meals must be reserved and paid for ahead of time if desired. We would love to know if you will be joining us for this fun and powerful weekend! We invite you to RSVP below for free today!

We can serve meals for up to 500 people. As such, everyone will have to purchase individual meals or meal packages in advance if you would like to eat in our Dining Hall. Again, it will be based on a first-come first-serve basis

Event Schedule

Join us for this free four-day event* to celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness to Elim throughout its 100 years! There are plenty of fascinating sessions occurring throughout the weekend, and you will not want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime celebration! 

*Admission to the conference is free, but please see above for more details on filling out an RSVP form and purchasing meal tickets.

7 p.m. at Elim Life Church – 100th Opening Service: The Elim Movement

  • Welcome & Invocation (Dr. Fred Antonelli)
  • Award Presentation (Dr. Danuta Case)
  • Congregational Worship (EBIC Student-Alumni Choir)
  • Elim Fellowship Presidential Installation (Rev. Chris Ball, EF Council of Elders)
  • Special Music (EBIC Student Choir)
  • Introduction of Speaker (Dr. Danuta Case)
  • Message: The Elim Movement – Impacting Lives (Dr. Fred Antonelli)

8 a.m. at EBIC Dining Hall – Breakfast

10 a.m. at Elim Life Church – Morning Service: The Global Impact

  • Welcome & Invocation (Dr. Danuta Case)
  • Congregational Worship (Gabriel Cepeda)
  • International EBIC Alumni’s Live Presentation (George Festus Blamoh, Esther Hiwale, Rev. Daniel Janik, Man Bahadur Pariyar)
  • Special Music (International Alumni)
  • Message: The Value of Global Impact (Rev. Gary Ham)
  • Closing Prayer (Rev. Simon Tanner)

12 p.m. at EBIC Dining Hall – Lunch

2 p.m. at EBIC Tabernacle – The Spencer Family Panel

  • Moderator: Dr. Fred Antonelli
  • Panelists: Nancy Clark, David Spencer, Joel Adour, Donna Morrison

3 p.m. at EBIC Tabernacle – Ministry Accomplishments at Elim

  • Moderator: Dr. Fred Antonelli
  • Panelists: Paul Johansson, Sylvia Evans, Joe Nettleton, Elliot Tepper, John Spyker, Andres Spyker

4 p.m. at EBIC Tabernacle – Name That Tune!

  • Listen, guess, worship, and win a 100th Anniversary merchandise item! (Geoff Clough)

4 p.m. – Campus Walkthrough

  • Visit the Library, College Hall, the Tabernacle, the Student Center, et cetera.

5 p.m. at EBIC Dining Hall – Dinner

7 p.m. at Elim Life Church – Evening Service: Multigenerational Impact

  • Welcome & Invocation (Rev. Greg Falco)
  • Multigenerational Worship (Rev. Dick Grout)
  • Recognition of Global Leaders (Rev. Chris Ball)
  • Introduction of Speaker (Rev. Chris Ball)
  • Message: The Value of Multi-Generational Impact (Rev. Andres Spyker)
  • Closing Prayer (Rev. Philip McNeill)

8 a.m. at EBIC Dining Hall – Breakfast

10 a.m. at ELC Youth Room – Workshop 1

  • Heirs of the Promises: Embracing & Passing Our Elim Heritage (Rev. Sylvia Evans)


10 a.m. at EBIC Tabernacle – Workshop 2

  • The Blessing of “The Holy Hill” (Rev. Paul Johansson)


11 a.m. at Various Locations on Campus – Alumni Gatherings

12 p.m. at EBIC Dining Hall – Lunch

2 p.m. at Elim Life Church – Commencement Service

  • Welcome and Invocation (Rev. Joe Nettleton)
  • Congregational Worship (EBIC Student Choir)
  • Introduction of Speaker (Samuel Case)
  • Graduation Address (Dr. Benson Karanja)
  • Presentation of Awards and Launch Certificates (Dr. Danuta Case, Dr. Daniel Kautu)
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness (EBIC Student-Alumni Choir)
  • Presentation of Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees (Dr. Fred Antonelli, Dr. Danuta Case)
  • Senior Speech (Aaron Neuberger)
  • Class Remarks (Connor Girvin)
  • Benediction (Dr. Fred Antonelli)


4:45 p.m. at EBIC Athletic Field – Group Picture

5 p.m. at EBIC Dining Hall – Dinner

7 p.m. at Elim Life Church – Evening Service: Future Impact

  • Welcome & Invocation (Rev. Chris Ball)
  • Congregational Worship (ELC Worship Team)
  • Introduction of Speaker (Dr. Fred Antonelli)
  • A Prophetic Message for Elim (Rev. Jim Laffoon)
  • Ministry Time (Dr. Fred Antonelli)

8 a.m. at EBIC Dining Hall – Breakfast

10 a.m. at Elim Life Church – Morning Service

  • Welcome & Invocation (Rev. Greg Falco)
  • Congregational Worship (ELC Worship Team)
  • Message: Prepare for Change (Rev. Sammy Foster)

Initiatives & Opportunities

There are several ways that you can get involved in joining us to celebrate 100 years of Elim! Take a look at some of these opportunities below, and feel free to shoot us an email at with any questions that you might have!

Come and worship together!

We are excited to offer our alumni the opportunity to join our student choir for this 100th-anniversary celebration! Participants will be sent their music and audio recordings of their vocal parts in March. They will also be required to be present at the choir’s dress rehearsal at 2 p.m. on Thursday, May 9th.

Alumni, Take a Free Course in 2024!

In celebration of Elim’s 100th Anniversary, if you are an Elim alumni, you can take a free Distance Education class in 2024 (either in the spring, summer, or fall semester)! Apply directly at the link below, or contact the Admissions Department at 585.582.8260 or for more information.

See our campus!

We have lots of exciting updates to our campus to look forward to as we approach the 100th anniversary! One of the most interesting ones is the addition of our historical wall display in College Hall (see a sneak peek to the right). We will also be featuring several different time periods/eras in Elim’s history in classrooms in College Hall. 

There will be lots of photo opportunities and chances to remember what Elim was like when you were a student here! You will not want to miss it!

100th Merchandise!

We will be selling these unique merchandise items at the 100th Anniversary Event in May! Be on the lookout for additional items that will be added in the near future!

Poster Competition

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our poster design competition! We thoroughly enjoyed reviewing each submission! The winners are listed below: