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Why Elim?



Lima, New York USA

Dr. Fred Antonelli

National accreditation through TRACS

Student Stories

We’re glad you’re here!! Some of you may have never heard of Elim, or maybe you know someone who attended Elim, or maybe your parents even met at Elim! Regardless of how well you may or may not know Elim, we know you’ll love hearing from current students! What makes Elim special? What’s it like to be a Bible College student? Will I fit in? All these questions and more are answered in the videos below!

Wondering what Elim is all about? Listen to alumni talk about their
Elim experience!

Were you homeschooled? So was Leah! Hear how she transitioned from a homeschooling environment to Elim!

Not sure what’s next? Maybe a gap year? Listen to Shane talk about why he chose to attend Elim during his gap year.

Ever wonder what Bible college is all about? Listen to a recent graduate describe, in his own words, what it’s like to be a Bible college student!

Every September, the students attend Foundation’s Weekend, a special time for them to grow closer to the Lord. Hannah describes what Foundation’s Weekend meant for her.

There are many opportunities for Elim students to immerse themselves in time with the Lord. Every January, the spring semester starts with the Week of Prayer. Watch Jared describe what this week was like for him!

The NYSUM (New York School of Urban Ministry) internship is a cornerstone of the ministry experience you will have at Elim. Watch Sorangely talk about this amazing, life changing experience!

Mentoring happens day and night at Elim! Both faculty and staff pour into every student. Dominique describes the experience of being
mentored at Elim!