The Elim Faculty

Dr. Danuta Case

Executive Vice President and Provost

Your experience at Elim Bible Institute and College will be unlike any other. The college provides a setting where intensive Bible study, the development of life skills, and practical ministerial training are woven together. You will have an opportunity to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word and deepen your personal relationship with God.

The world desperately needs people who surrender their lives to God, comprehend His love, know His principles, and are brave enough to become change agents willing to withstand the current cultural pressures. The faculty and staff at Elim are wholeheartedly committed to help you become such agents and will passionately guide you in reaching your potential and fulfilling the destiny God has for you.

Full-Time Faculty

Daniel Kautu

Doctor of Philosophy & Master of Divinity
Program chair

Emily Sanders

Master of Business Administration in nonprofit management
Program Chair

Cana Fuest

Master of Education
Registrar & Program Chair

Rimon Armaly

Master of Arts

Matthew Slisher

Master of Arts

Dick Grout

Postsecondary Award

Part-Time Faculty

Shannon Nguyen

Master of Science

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Adam Rondeau

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY & Master of Theological Studies

Alex Thevaranjan

Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting

Thomas Worth

Doctor of Ministry

REV. Greg Harp

Doctor of Ministry (Candidate) &

Jason Benedict

Master of Divinity & Master of Education

Dave Berthin

Master of Divinity & Master of Education

Tim Case

Master of Theology

Mike Cavanaugh

Master of Theology

Jan Drayer

Master of Theological Studies

Shaun Fowler

Master of Business Administration in Accounting

Wayne Hedlund

Master of Arts

Bryan Long

Master of Divinity

Phil Mcneill

Master of Divinity

Elizabeth Ose

Master of Arts

Richard Raines

Master of Theological Studies & Master of Theology

KMarie Tejeda

Master of Divinity

REV. Sylvia Evans

Bachelor of Arts in Classical Languages

Kelly Walsh

Bachelor of Science in Music Education