Academic Programs

Christ-centered programs

B.s. in theology

Four Years

At Elim, we believe in the importance of Encountering God, Discovering His Plan, and Transforming the World. Your four Christ-centered years at Elim will prepare you to apply God’s Word and a Christian worldview to any vocation you choose.

Christ-centered Programs

B.s. in business management

Four Years

The purpose of the business management program is to prepare Christ-centered students who possess the knowledge and practical skills to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing marketplace.

A.A.S. Degree Program

Two Years

During two years at Elim, you will greatly expand your knowledge of the Bible and deepen your faith. This is an accredited program which means you can choose to transfer after two years or you may choose to remain at Elim to complete your Bachelor’s.

Launch Program

One Year

Launch is a one year program designed to provide students with a solid spiritual foundation for life. This is a special time in your life where you can focus on digging into scripture so you will be able to build your life on the unchanging truth of God. 

Spiritual Enrichment Certificate

One Year


Are you looking to strengthen your relationship with God, but are not necessarily interested in acquiring college course credits? The Spiritual Enrichment Certificate program provides a format where you can focus on your relationship with God, dig into his word, build your prayer life, and be mentored without the rigorous demands of taking accredited courses. This is a non-degree program.

This program is currently available to U.S. students only.