Student Ministries

Practical experience for future leaders

While classroom learning is important, it only makes up a portion of the training students need to succeed in leadership and ministry once they leave Elim. That’s why we place every student in real ministry settings each semester, coupling experiential learning with academics.

How student ministries work

Each of our programs include extensive hands-on ministry. All students taking 9 or more credits—whether living on campus or commuting—participate in local partner ministries and organizations every week as part of a student ministry team.

Teams are assigned to serve weekly in different churches and ministries in the area. Opportunities include serving in children’s ministry, youth ministry, college ministry, worship teams, street ministry, conference planning, service planning, video creation, and much more.

New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM)

Students also experience a three-week internship in the heart of New York City at the New York School of Urban Ministry, where they are exposed to urban and cross-cultural environments. Learn more about the NYSUM Internship