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EBIC offers the following programs online: A.A.S. in Biblical and Theological Studies, as well as the B.S. degree in Theology. Students can also enroll in online classes without being admitted to a program. It is a great way to strengthen the spiritual foundation in your life and increase Bible knowledge without having to relocate or majorly adjust your schedule. Online courses are also an excellent way to preview the Elim experience.

Alumni, contact our admissions office at 585.582.8260 to discuss how you might fulfill your goals of completing your degree. Online courses are currently not available to International students and residents of California.

For information about distance education courses, see the Academic Catalog

Enrollment for Online Courses is now open for Fall 2021 semesters! Call 585.582.8260 for more information!

Resources for distance education students

Help Desk: 585.497.7935

Admissions: 1.800.670.3546

Registrar: 585.582.8218

Non-Academic Questions or Support:
Assistant Dean of Students: 585.582.8205
Ministry Director: 585.582.8251

Explanation of distance education formats

Virtual live

Students are able to join on-campus classes live by connecting virtually so they may have the same experience as an on-campus student. Utilizing a simple webcam and the internet, students will join Elim’s students and participate in class live. It’s a great experience! (If you register for a virtual live class you will be required to attend during the class times. For more information contact the registrar at 585.582.8218.)


This option is ideal for individuals who wish to receive their education while balancing school with other responsibilities and are unavailable during the day. Students will still need to login regularly to Elim’s College Management System (requiring a reliable laptop and a good internet connection) in order to have access to course materials and resources, complete assignments and interact with faculty and classmates. Students will have much more scheduling flexibility and be able to study in the comfort of their own home.