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Student Support

Campus Life

8:00 am – 12:00 pm EST
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST




You’re Never Alone At Elim

Elim is a safe place where all staff and faculty want you to succeed. To that end, you can count on friends and mentors to help you adjust, thrive, and overcome challenges.

Freshmen Orientation

As the incoming Freshman class arrives at Elim, they will enjoy a spirited introduction to the college and its environs. After arriving on campus and registration, freshmen will have plenty of time to move into their new living quarters (dorm). The Welcome Service with the President of the College follows, along with the introduction of key staff and faculty. This lively and informative day is wrapped up with a delicious meal at the President’s Banquet Dinner. A wonderful and exciting way to begin one’s college career and future!

Academic Support

Elim enjoys a strong academic staff who are supportive of their students in various ways. We offer in-class teaching and private tutoring with staff or student tutors provided by the College. Additionally, Elim hosts a fully equipped library and an IT Department which is available during specified hours to assist with computer, phone, kindle, or tablet needs.

Spiritual Mentorship

As a recognized and respected Christian College in the northeast Elim has made provision for spiritual mentorship from mature and established men and women of God. This is done on a one-on-one basis and is arranged personally. Additionally, there is counseling available that is arranged and coordinated through Campus Life. All of these services/relationships are done under the auspices of the College and Office of the President of the College.

Residence Hall Staff

The residence halls are staffed by student Residence Advisors and overseen by the Campus Life Department. The Residence Advisors (RAs) act as overseers of college rules in the dorms, spiritual advisors when they can or need to, assist in mental and emotional adjustment to college life, and provide insight and understanding about college life when necessary. They lead the Cadre meetings weekly and are a personal and corporate example of Christian character and life.