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Distance Education for International Students

Academic Department

8:00 am – 12:00 pm EST
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST




Reaching the Nations through Distance Education!

The mission of EBIC has always been focused on the world and not just on the USA. Elim has strived to: “prepare Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered servant leaders for global ministry and worldwide revival.

What better way to accomplish this mission than via Distance Education?

The Benefits of Distance Education:

  • The ability to study from everywhere
  • Significant cost savings — no need to relocate or travel
  • Teaches self-motivation and self-discipline
  • Flexibility in scheduling — allows students to create their own schedule
  • Accommodates diverse learning styles and needs (text, video, discussions)
  • Individualized pace — progressing through familiar material; spending more time on unfamiliar topics
  • Allows balancing of responsibilities — balancing studies with work, family, church, or other personal commitments
  • Increases accessibility — available to people from remote areas, disabled, etc.

Primary Benefits for International Students:

  • Greatly cuts down on costs
  • Eliminates the hassles of getting a visa or being denied a visa
  • Eliminates the costs of i20 and the applications
  • Eliminates the temptation to stay in the USA and not return to their own country

The Challenge

How can we reach and equip more people globally and either prepare them for ministry or equip them with skills to start or run organizations based on Biblical values, with a Biblical worldview, and make an impact in the Kingdom of God?

The answer: Distance Education

Financial Aid Package Offer to International Students from Eligible Countries:

Normal Cost Per Semester
International Discount
Adjusted Cost for 1st & 2nd World Countries
3rd World Countries
Full-Time Students (12-18 credits)
Per Course
Application Fee
Full-Time Student Fee
Part-Time Student Fee

Admissions Criteria

For a list of eligible countries, please contact our Admissions Department at 585-582-8260 or