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Business Certificates

Academic Department

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Earn a Business Certificate in just One Year!

You have always had a mind for business and you want to make a difference by starting a nonprofit organization. Do you know how to do it? Do you understand accounting for nonprofits? What about the legal aspects of starting a business, or even nonprofit governance? Then comes micro- and macroeconomics, strategic planning, and much, much more.

You can now earn a business certificate in just one year at EBIC by taking two classes a semester via Distance Education! Contact our Admissions Department at (585) 582-8260 or

Learn from several outstanding Christian professors and colleagues with rich experience in business as well as higher education. To name just a few is Dr. Susan Robbins – an experienced professor and accountant; Dr. Anthony Annan – a former banker and a professor specializing in finance; Dr. Lillian Harding – a business owner, marketing and communication strategist, and a business professor; Dr. Haniel Singh – Creative Labs founder and brand strategist; Wayne Hill – Juris Doctor and a successful legal consultant; Bryan Albert – a business leader and a marketing specialist dealing with significant corporate accounts; Rev. Jason Benedict – a strategist, entrepreneur, and president of Touchstone Business Solutions; and others.

All these men and women love the Lord, and all desire to invest in you and help you develop skills that will help expand the Kingdom of God and bring glory to His name! That is why they teach at EBIC.

The following Certificates are available in the
Business Program:

Launching a non-profit Organization

In the Launching a Non-Profit Organization certificate program, you will learn to start a new non-profit organization and develop a deeper understanding of the art of fundraising and marketing.

In the Business Management certificate program, you will develop administrative skills, learn to analyze financial statements, understand financial concepts, and know how to apply them at for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Marketing Strategies

In the Marketing Strategies certificate program, you will learn to understand marketing principles and their applications, examine tools available, and develop responsive marketing strategies.

Church Administration

In the Church Administration certificate program, you will acquire the skills necessary to lead organizations, manage projects, resolve conflicts, and plan strategically.