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Academic Department

8:00 am – 12:00 pm EST
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST




One year could change your life!

It can be difficult to live passionately for God within spiritually hostile environments at work, school, social settings and more. Launch is designed to provide students with a spiritual foundation for life. Students discover why they believe what they believe and are equipped to be influencers for Christ. To complete the Launch program, you will also experience three weeks of exciting urban evangelism and ministry at NYSUM (New York School of Urban Ministry) in New York City. Students who complete the Launch program can transfer directly into the second year of the Associate Degree program. As part of the Launch program, you will:

  •  Increase in knowledge of the Bible
  • Conceptualize the Christian worldview in light of cultural and educational trends
  • Define a measurable increase in personal spiritual formation
  • Be able to defend and contextualize biblical values in today’s culture
  • Develop an awareness of commitment to act on the spiritual and physical needs of all the peoples in the world
  • Improve critical thinking skills, reading comprehension skills, and writing skills


Come to Elim for ONE YEAR of intense spiritual growth and development. Let us prepare YOU to live for God with passion, confidence and conviction!

The Launch Program provides you with a choice of 8 different tracks (described below). You will complete core courses and track concentration courses. For information about program requirements, see the Academic Catalog. Remember, some courses taken elsewhere may transfer into this program! 

The following tracks are available in the
Launch program:

Worship Leadership

For potential or active worship leaders and musicians, this concentration offers training in leading God’s people into the presence of the Lord through Elim’s Worship Leadership course and lab. Round out your preparation for God’s call on your life by having the opportunity to take Philosophy of Christian Music, Worship and Cultural Expression or Music Theory, as well as Worship Piano, Worship Guitar or Drum Set. Add in required ministry experiences and you will leave equipped to use your musical gifts for God’s glory.

The Missions Concentration is centered on training you to boldly take the Gospel to the nations through practical experiences and courses in cultures and customs and missionary life. Missions has always been a big part of the vision and heart of Elim Bible Institute and College, and our goal today is still to see workers prepared and sent out to spread the Gospel to the darkest places of the world.

Spiritual Formation

This concentration gives the student a meaningful spiritual foundation, delving into topics of self-exploration, spiritual health, healing for the soul and spiritual hurts and more. Courses include the Spiritual Formations: Restoring the Foundations class, as well as Basic Christian Counseling. These classes, along with Elim’s strong focus on spiritual growth for every student, will strengthen the student’s personal walk with God and prepare them for their future.

Youth Ministry

Do you have a dream to reach children and young adults for Christ? This concentration is designed to prepare students for youth ministry. It includes the Youth Ministry I and II courses. You will also get hands-on experience by participating in and helping to organize and run several youth conferences attended by thousands of young people.



This concentration is designed to help students discover how God has revealed His call on their lives through personal revelation, personality design, deepened self-awareness, passion and past experiences to engage them in a life of purpose. Students will also gain an increased confidence in helping others with life’s problems. Courses include Life Coaching and Basic Christian Counseling.

College Prep

This concentration is designed to prepare students for the challenges associated with being a light for Christ on a secular college campus. Students will be equipped with an understanding of the Christian worldview and how it shapes morality and ethics. They will also learn how to effectively defend their faith as they contrast the biblical view of life with various other positions.


Theology and Biblical Studies

This concentration is designed for students who desire to be prepared for ministry. It will enable students to grow in their faith, get equipped with the knowledge and understanding of Biblical doctrines and fundamental theological concepts, and help them acquire practical skills to become a Christian leader and minister in a multicultural context, impacting the world globally.


The purpose of the business management program is to prepare Christ-centered graduates who will possess This concentration is designed to prepare Christ-centered students who will possess the knowledge and practical business skills needed to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing marketplace. Students enrolled in this program will have the opportunity to develop their own character, build a strong business foundation, and acquire critical thinking skills needed to lead and impact their communities through Christian organizations and secular businesses.