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Volunteer on Campus

Your service makes a difference

Volunteers make a HUGE difference at Elim when they give their time toward campus improvement projects! It is amazing what we have seen accomplished when people get a heart for a project, especially during the summers. For us, it is like the cavalry showing up to save the day—we are so humbled and grateful.

Any help can make a huge difference—whether you have a specific skill like carpentry, masonry, plumbing, or HVAC…or if you’re willing to pick up a paintbrush or just serve wherever needed. Some volunteers come for a few hours, others for a day or two or even a week.

Some volunteers come alone, while others bring a team to work together. Sometimes whole churches or businesses get involved; for example, could your church underwrite a construction worker you know to come help us for a week? If you’re an alumnus, you could coordinate with others from your class to come work on campus for a few days together and enjoy a reunion at the same time (contact for reunion ideas).

All workers who volunteer their time will be housed and fed on campus while they’re here. You can also participate in the weekly summer chapel services and enjoy the campus during the beautiful upstate New York summer.

If you would be willing to come yourself or help organize a team to volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Jack Thorpe at or 585-694-6161. Hope to see you soon!

Darlene Thorpe landscaping in front of the Student Center.
A team of volunteers rebuilding the College Hall steps.